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  Nanjing fast should be pass loan company adhering to "integrity, and specification, and efficient, and keep key, and sound, and innovation" of business concept; "corporate of governance, market operation" of principles; is committed to upgrade enterprise and personal credit, created enterprise communication bridge, formed Bank, and customer, and company three win situation, promoted place role system of perfect and economic development; and provides first-class of property financial service and people a financial programme, business specification, and service superior. Company is financing, guarantees, as the leading diversified real estate companies.
company and more than Bank reached cooperation relationship, Nanjing fast should be pass loan company, and Nanjing loan company, and Nanjing small loan, and Nanjing no mortgage loan, and Nanjing personal loan, and Nanjing short-term borrowing, and Nanjing short-term loan, and Nanjing small loan company, and Nanjing no mortgage loan company, and Nanjing mortgage loan, and Nanjing property mortgage loan, and Nanjing housing mortgage loan and provides enterprise personal property, and real estate mortgage, mortgage loan or short-term borrowing, business. Support for enterprise and personal development to address customer's pressing problems, and to provide customers with tailor-made services and the promise of confidentiality.
Yi Tong is a loan company in Nanjing in the Jiangsu provincial government on the establishment of credit guarantee system for small and medium enterprises, vigorously promoting the development of private economy opened with the spirit of. Company will based into city, oriented whole Jiangsu Province range, is committed to established and perfect to "integrity for this" for based of social credit system and guarantees financing system; provides around to solution enterprise financing problem for demands target of full integrated service; constantly followed up market needs, innovation financial service, full play science reasonable of internal management system and risk control mechanism of role, and professional of practitioners team of resources advantage, to efficient, and convenient, and thoughtful of service, To meet growing demand for SME financing and guarantee help good steady development of small and medium enterprises in the fierce market competition; market operation mode to resolve the commercial bank's credit risk; create a guaranteed win situation between companies, banks, small and medium enterprises, as eventually formed the modern system of credit capital to lay the Foundation. Build a bridge for sharing between enterprises and banks, became the catalyst for socio-economic development.
as SMEs development and the personal consumption of credit capital of provides who, Nanjing fast should be pass loan company will through guarantees, and investment, and mutual fund, and Bank, and financial, and managed, variety of financial tool, service Yu those meet national about industry policy oriented and the Government encourages support of project, and market adaptability strong, and has development prospects, and conducive to technology innovation, and export earned, and resources utilization of SMEs and has strong also repayment capacity of individual industrial and commercial households and the personal consumers, pursuant to integrity guidelines, do " Righteousness and benefit and balance "model, through the commercial operation of credit capital, for both providers and users of capital to provide satisfactory returns for value creators and providers of capital to set up a highly efficient distribution channels, efficient allocation of social resources.
Nanjing fast should be pass loan company except through according to Jiangsu Province actual economic of features, has targeted to in financing guarantees launched of number items function perfect, risk control level high of guarantees business outside, while also through itself carried out to enterprise merger, and project financing, and delegate financial for focus of investment business, and assets management business, and for social created good of investment platform and solid of integrity system.

Nanjing Yitong Loan Company

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