Commercial loan of public credit

  business loan there is another book called the personal housing loans are mortgages through the Bank or financial institution to issue loans to allow residents better able to live in a new House. There is a lending requirements than commercial loans to be firm, called the Provident Fund loans, Provident Fund loans are housing loans stipulated by the State preferential policies. Provident Fund so you know what's the difference between loans and commercial loans, what advantages? Unsecured loans to tell you what is the difference between them:
, granting them loans of different subjects, commercial loans the major lending banks, Provident Fund Loan Fund Management Center.
II, loan application conditions required are not the same, some of Provident Fund loans are hard and fast rules, must meet before they can take out a loan, commercial loans are not.
c, commercial loans much more quickly than Provident Fund loans.
four, commercial lending interest rates much higher than rates on Provident Fund loans, and this is one important reason why Fund loans are so popular.
above is the difference between some commercial loans and fund loans, business loan fast, low rates on Provident Fund loans. They each have their own advantages, of course, also have their disadvantages. Inadequacy is that the high interest rates on commercial loans, the drawback is that auditing of the Provident Fund, send slower.

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