Each family's payment methods vary from

  loan to buy a House at such a sought-after, if you don't know how to calculate your loan repayment methods that are more suitable for you. Each family has its own loans, the repayment will be lost when you, may also produce a lot of unnecessary expense. Cause your budget, leading to a lot of unnecessary trouble. Unsecured loans come and say that some of the loan repayment method:
, if your loan period is one year for the use of disposable method of repaying.
II, this method is characterized by the repayment amount is up for the first time, month after month after month decline is called the equal principal repayment method.
third, the constant interest method, which is the most common method is the repayment amount per month is the same, the number of loans you are divided into several small pieces, return
the same amount every month on the line.
SI, and other than law, refers to the loan divided into such as time to return, gradually increasing the number of return.
above is the loan repayment method, I hope you understand. To help future loan repayments, loan
don't know what way can compare to see which is more appropriate for their loan repayments.

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