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Real estate development loans

Real estate development loans

 , business briefs
housing development loans are granted by the Bank to the borrower for residential construction loans and supporting facilities.
II, and opened conditions
(a) borrowing people should has following conditions:
1, and by business administration sector approved registration of corporate;
2, and property clear, and corporate governance structure sound, and business management specification, and financial status good;
3, and has loan card, and in Bank open State basic account or general account; credit good, has regular reimbursement loan principal and interest of capacity;
4, and real received capital, and Real estate development qualification in line with relevant regulations of the Bank.
(ii) loan project should has following conditions:
1, and has into national or place construction development plans, its project or record file legal, and full, and real, and effective;
2, and has State-owned land right card, and construction with to planning license, and construction engineering planning license, and construction engineering construction license;
3, and project capital, meet Bank about provides.

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Loan classification
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