Loan classification

Small amount of boss credit

Small amount of boss credit

  boss credit for small business owners to provide quick and easy unsecured unsecured micro-credit services can help you expand your business, purchase new equipment or get rid of temporary difficulties. Whether you are a small company or a stall, as long as your business for more than six months can apply for loans of up to 300,000 yuan. Our professional loan officers will analyze your needs and help you tailor the most appropriate loan products, to find the most suitable for your business, quick and easy financial solutions. Loan officers also will visit your business and help you apply for personal loans, lenders could take two or three days. Business development, opening new stores, cash flow, buying raw materials, the purchase of equipment, emergency funds, business vehicles, staff wages, etc. Does not need a lot of information on official documents, quickly and easily!
Jie Chen investment management company in Chengdu area, operating income as the main source of income of owners of private enterprises, individual businesses and the self-employed.
operating for more than 6 months, proof of identity, and e loan officers to field trips, a completed application form.
credit: up to 300,000 Chinese Yuan

loan term:
6-18 months, lenders keep
from the 2-3 day to fill in the application form to the loan.

Loan classification
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