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Personal credit loans

Personal credit loans

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Bank personal credit loans to creditworthy customers without guarantee of RMB credit loans.

product characteristics the loan amount and term loan Threshold Amount is 10,000 yuan, the longest loan term of up to 3 years.
with revolving loan functions: one, recycling, hop by hop, convenient, and available via the merchant POS and self release of online channels such as bank loans.

the criteria for 1. Chinese citizens have full capacity for civil conduct, age 18 (inclusive) to 60 (inclusive) between the years.
2. have a valid proof of identity and loans where proof of residence (or valid residence certificate).
3. have a stable source of income and ability to repay the loan principal and interest in full and on schedule.
4. have a good credit record and repayment will, without any violation and bad records.
5. get grade b in retail banking internal rating system (or more) risk rating.
6. Bank stock customer, customer should star in the 4 star (or more).
7. opened personal settlement account at the Bank.
8. other conditions stipulated by Bank.

Loan classification
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