Loan classification

Convenience of microfinance

Convenience of microfinance

 , broader lending objects
1, the assets of smaller, engaged in the production, trade and services, approved by the Administration for industry and commerce registration of enterprises, economic organizations and individual businesses.
2, with civil capacity of a natural person.
b, a lower starting point of credit
according to customer's needs, at 5000 Yuan to 300,000 yuan. Three, flexible loan terms
/> according to customer's needs are divided into short-term loans and long-term loans
short-term loans in less than a year.
medium and long-term loans generally do not exceed a period of three years.
four, and convenient of procedures
(a) enterprise, and economic organization and individual industrial and commercial households should provides ID Ming (as license,) and corporate representative identity documents;
(ii) natural only need provides I ID pieces;
five, and offers of interest rate
according to people's Bank of China provides, Bank of convenience small loan implementation floating interest rate, that according to people Bank announced of benchmark interest rate, and borrowing people of specific situation implemented market.
on old customer, bank savings and loan linked to the charge number of preferential policies to borrowers if the bank deposits, and deposit account opening time of more than 90 days, you can according to the borrower's deposit charge number of how much loan interest rate discount, charge number, the more, the more you save. At least in the benchmark interest rate to float downward on the basis of 10%; for new customers, banks determine rates based on personal credit information.

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Loan classification
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